5 Best Dog Breeds that Don’t Shed

Breeds of dogs that don’t shed popularly known as hypoallergenic dogs are getting a lot of attention these days. With the rise of allergies because of pets many people prefer picking up canine breeds which do not shed even if it means spending some extra bucks.Even though there are no such dogs which do not shed at all there are definitely a few breeds which shed the least. Let us read about 5 of them here.

1) Maltese

This breed is hugely popular and its name originates from having its roots in the country Malta. Most of them weigh not more than 8 pounds and have an average height of less than a foot. A Maltese dog generally has an average lifespan of 10-15 years making it your companion for a long time. This dog is famous for getting the winter nose if not exposed to the sun for a long time where the nose colour changes from black to pink or light brown. Due to the absence of an undercoat, they are sensitive to cold and their silky coat makes them a high maintenance breed.

2) Shih Tzu

Another breed which is known to have a soft coat this one may face breathing problems because of its small and pushedin nose. Until you don’t shave their hair you will not be able to see their eyes. More than being tall they are large and have a fun loving temperament. To ensure proper behaviour this breed needs to be trained from a young age else they resort to nipping and biting.

3) Poodle

A very intelligent breed it has its roots from Germany. This is a smart breed and shows agility and obedience in its behaviour. There are multiple varieties of poodle dogs which include standard poodle, miniature poodle, toy poodle and medium poodle. They are blessed with a single coat of curly hair which does not shed as they get tangled in each other. To ensure that their coat is maintained properly it is suggested that this breed gets a grooming every six to eight weeks.

4) West highland White Terrier

Also called the Westy this brand is popular for its white coat, almond-shaped eyes, and upright ears. This breed has a soft but thick undercoat which combined with a rough outer coat gives the breed a rounded appearance. They sometimes shed a little but if you brush their coat weekly then this problem is also resolved. Doing a regular clean-up also ensures that they will not attempt to clean up on their own hence causing allergies to the family members.

5) Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is very popular for not shedding at all however with time they may shed a little so it’s best to do a regular light brushing once in a while. The presence of a curly coat ensures that their hair gets entangled in itself just like a poodle. They are the first recommendations to people who have allergy issues. However, allergies differ from one person to another so it is advisable to spend some time with this breed or any other breed to get a fair idea of how your immune system is going to react to them.

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