Top 5 Most Popular Cat Breeds

1) Persian cat

This race has been the number one since the CFA began keeping records in 1871. They are affectionate and loyal, but her long hair needs to be combed every day. They are characterized by a broad, flat face and a big thick coat of many colors. They are commonly regarded as aristocratic cats. The first Persian cats were introduced in Italy from Persia (now Iran) in the 1620s and their descendants were called in many ways.

2) American Bobtail cat

His body is moderately long, semi robust, thick, substantially rectangular and posture. Bobtails develop slowly, reaching maturity between two and three years, its hind legs are slightly longer than the front legs, and feet are large and round and may have locks on fingers.

3) Russian blue cat

It is a breed of cat medium sized silver hair short, easily distinguishable from other races. It is famous for being an intelligent and affectionate cat, which enjoys the contact with humans and is ideal for family life. Easy to care for this animal loving is a perfect companion.

4) Somali cat

The only difference between cat Somali and Abyssinian cat is the length of your hair. While in the Somali semi-long hair is in the Abyssinian have a short hair. It is said that Somali is the relative long hair of one of the most popular breeds, the Abyssinian. These two breeds are related since its inception, in many litters of Abyssinians was given for discomfort breeders, some exemplary semi-long hair he departed breeding and yielded without pedigree.

5) Siberian cat

It is a cat is provided with a lush, thick hair, thick and waterproof, essential for survival in the coldest climates. The Siberian is a quiet and affectionate but not particularly submissive cat, inherited from their wild ancestors. Whatsoever, this is an excellent domestic, sociable and communicative cat understood perfectly with children and other animals.