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at The Budgerigar Society World Championship Show 2002

Reported by Janice Al-Nasser, SBBA Publicity Officer

If we missed out on top honours at the 2001 BS Club Show and suffered a drop in entry then the 2002 Club Show made up for it without a doubt with an increase in total Spangle entries to 357 (174 and 183 respectively). What can one say about the spangle variety that has not already been said time and again? It is one of the leading varieties on the show bench and officers of the Association were extremely delighted with the way their members who exhibited at the BS Club Show performed. Well, we made the Hat Trick! In the short space of four years, a spangle has won the supreme award for the third time. And this time it was Tom Deacon's well known Spangle Grey cock that captured the top honour following in the foot steps of Frank Silva who won supreme with another Spangle Grey cock in 1999 to be followed by Stuart Raven's Spangle Grey Green cock in 2000. The variety also achieved a double in that the best young bird in show was a spangle as well for Frank Silva who also achieved that honour in 1999; but it was a first that both winners were the same variety, colour and sex; Spangle Grey cocks. However, the variety did well among section placings as reported in the January issue of The Budgerigar. Congratulations to you Spangle members on your achievements.

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The 2002 Budgerigar Society World Championship Show
Best Budgerigar in Show, Best Any Age
Spangle Grey cock

Spangle Green Series

Geoff Corser judged this colour and gave The Holland Stud the adult C.C. with their well presented Spangle Grey Green cock that excelled in frontal rise. This bird went on to be placed 3rd Best Champion A/A. Bill & Malcolm Hough had a lovely Spangle Double Factor Yellow cock in second place with good width of head which ended up in 8th place in the section run down. Chrissie Smith from the novice section was third with her Spangle Grey Green cock of good head width and large spots. The best hen, a Spangle Double Factor, came from the Hough Brothers which was 5th in the C.C. line up.

The young bird C.C. was captured by Cliff & Darrell Jones's Spangle Light Green cock of good width of face and deep mask with a wonderful blow, which went on to win Best Spangle Green and 3rd Best Champion Y/B. Another Spangle Double Factor cock was placed second for the intermediate Mike Stringer that possessed good face and body length. This bird was placed 8th Best in its section. Dragoonis & Fisher had an Spangle Opaline Grey Green hen in third spot. A hen that excelled in face and shoulders that eventually was placed 5th Best Champion Y/B.

All in all a good line up in each C.C. with the young birds impressing the judge more. The Spangle Double Factors did well in both C.Cs.

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Presentations to Cliff and Darrell Jones for the Best Spangle Light Green
By the S.B.B.A. President, Stuart Forbes (centre)

Spangle Green ~ Colour Run –Down

Spangle Green Any Age
1st Holland Stud -
2nd H.M. & W. Hough *
3rd C.P. Smith *
4th J.A. Martin *
5th H.M. & W. Hough *
6th B. Milton -
7th L. & P. Martin *
8th A.R. Huckstep *
9th S. Tetsell *
10th S. Tetsell *
Spangle GreenYoung Bird
1st C. & D. Jones *
2nd M.Stringer -
3rd Dragoonis & Fisher -
4th R. & M. Miller *
5th R. & V. Booth *
6th R. Townsend -
7th S. Bryson *
8th A.M. Dean -
9th Jarvis & Palin -
10th S. Wild *

* Denotes SBBA Member

Spangle Blue Series

Rob Lester judged this colour and the winner of the A/A C.C. produced the Hat Trick when intermediate Tom Deacon's Spangle Grey cock captured the supreme award. This bird having missed out on the young bird C.C. last year has developed well in maturity and came to the show as a hot favourite, having won two major shows in the North early in the show season. The centre spread of The Budgerigar has done so much, not only to publicise the bird, but also the Spangle variety. The bird possessed all the qualities of a BIS with good head, size and was staged in immaculate condition but the bonus was that it had good spangle marking. The Belgium-German partnership of Heylen-Nettekoven was runner up with a Spangle Skyblue cock of top quality and good marking. This bird eventually was placed 10th Best Champion A/A. Chrissie Smith was placed 3rd again with a Spangle Skyblue cock but did much better in the novice section this time placed 2nd Best Novice A/A. A Spangle Grey hen was the opposite sex in the C.C. line up for A. Stevens.

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Best Budgerigar Young Bird in Show
At The 2002 Budgerigar Society World Championship Show
Frank Silva with his Spangle Grey cock

Frank Silva came to the fore again with another wonderful Spangle Grey cock that captured the Best Young Bird in Show; his 3rd in five years and his 2nd with a Spangle. This big bird had already won a BIS at the Western Counties area show and a bird that had a wonderful head and blow but lacked the spangle definition of the BIS winner. Mike Stringer was second with a Spangle Grey hen of good size and was placed 2nd Best Intermediate Y/B, much higher in the section this time than his DFS winner. The Hough Brothers had another Spangle Double Factor to be placed third. A good clean bird but not of the power of the winner.

Spangle Blue ~ Colour Run-Down

Spangle Blue Any Age
1st T. Deacon *
2nd Heylen-Nettekoven -
3rd C.P. Smith *
4th E.J. Hooper *
5th R. Black -
6th A. Stevens *
7th Heylen-Nettekoven -
8th P.D. White *
9th P. McGrath *
10th T. Deacon *
Spangle Blue Young Bird
1st F. Silva *
2nd M. Stringer -
3rd H.W. & M. Hough *
4th C. Tipton *
5th A.A. Adey *
6th M. & T. Rodger -
7th Thorpe & Stanley *
8th M. Stringer -
9th P. McGrath *
10th C. Tipton *

* Denotes SBBA Member

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